Almighty Coding

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I love revelations. Especially when they’re blatantly obvious, but your mind, still, has obviously learned something from it. The latest was feeling what it would like to be God. My last LONG project at work helped me to understand (ha!?). As fast, and as creative with programming that I (believe I) am and with as many great ideas that I come up with easily I still have to go through the motions. As the program grows in size even the smallest changes take time to do as I have to repeat them multiple times throughout the application. I’d finish one and think of three. Two more and I’d have five, ten. If I were almighty though, I’d think it, and it would be done. It would just be. The minute my mind had it, so would my screen. I felt heavenly for a moment when I discovered this, thinking how amazing life would be if everything “just was”. I can imagine the chaos though, for not careful, wandering minds… perhaps then, this has to do with the meaning of our lives… to learn to control ourselves? Posted in Heaven, Philosophy, Eureka | No Comments »

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