Another Late Night

1 minute read


Tuesdays are my late night. I come in to work at either 12pm or 1pm and work until 11pm. Today the first disapointment was realizing I had no breakfast and my lunch wasn’t big enough for itself and dinner. Now my left hand is bothering me and I can’t think of anything but carpal tunnel. The thing that gets me the most is there has actually been work to do after 5pm for the last two weeks. Last week I had to fix a computer and stayed until 11:10pm. This week I was running back and forth between the Help Desk and one of the labs trying to get a laptop working for a presentation tomorrow. Now, don’t think I’m complaining that I actually have to do work at work. Think of it more as why in the world is there work this late at night? Shouldn’t I be screwing around on the Internet and doing my homework while chatting to friends? Oh, the good old days. Guess I’m too important for that anymore. On the otherhand, I do realize I had the time to make this post, so I guess it isn’t that bad after all. One more hour to go.

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