Artificial Hearts

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It’s been said that organ transport patients have previously picked up some of the traits of their donors, whether that be wanting to smoke or eating meat, etc. So that could indicate that organs give us some sense of who we are. But how tied to our feelings are these? By replacing organs with artificial ones, will we lose some sense of emotion? What if we replaced our stomachs, our gut, with something man made? Where would our gut feelings go? What about the heart? Can an Artificial Heart Replace the Real Thing? It’s a common theme in movies about artificial intelligence to make machines wish they could feel what it was like to be human. But by taking away more and more of what makes us human isn’t it likely that we will feel less? How much can you take away before we are no longer human, but machine? How long will it be before we are those characters in the movies, wishing that we were human once again?

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