Blog Upgraded

1 minute read


First things first, My girlfriend now has a blog, thanks to me. You can find her link on this site, or the main page. I set her up with wordpress since she is on a modem and MovableType seems to be a lot slower.

Also, I don’t know what I was looking for when I went to the MovableType homepage today because I was distracted when I saw version 3.11 was out. So everyone using MovableType is upgraded, and some links have changed again… Kill me later. But things are in a more future compatible place – for this week.

The new version of MT was supposed to have “dynamic” pages. A bunch of BS if you ask me. Not only do you have to fudge around with .htaccess or httpd.conf files to get this dynamic access I couldn’t even get it to work. And believe me I’ve tried. I completely recreated my blog and it still didn’t work. And it’s not my crappy code either, because archive pages weren’t even working dynamically. Too much of a hassle if you ask me. I’ll keep my MT site static and wait 10 seconds for it to rebuild.

I see more and more reasons to use wordpress for an engine, but I still don’t see the need to switch. For now I’m keeping all options open while I consentrate on the appearance and functionality of my site.

That’s enough posting for today, I really need to get to my homework!

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