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I started my blog as an experiment months ago. I never did like blogs, or online journals. I still don’t. Although the’re a great way to read other peoples thoughts - which I love to do daily. For myself though, I find them troubling.

I’m an organized person. Blogs are very disorganized. I spent about a half hour today trying to properly categories my entries and you know what I found? I found the blogs just cause people to talk about anything and everything. I have many entries about nothing! Reminds me of Seinfeld… I also have many entries that talk about more than one topic - more like traditional journals. But how do you categories that? Mutliple categories for one entry is just messier.

My solution would be, and sometimes has been, to modify or remove past journal entires. Sometimes because there just crappy. Other times because they were emotionally charged. Is that really good blogging though? In a sense it’s changing history. If I modify one of my posts months down the line it’s no longer a what I originally posted - a forgery.

For now the experiment goes on. It gives me an outlet for my ridiculus thoughts and get to practice spelling poorly if nothing else. I’m sure I’ll change history in weeks to come as I have my eye on many entries to either chop up, remove, or alter. I don’t know that this experiment will ever end either, good writing or not, it seems to be addictive.

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