Carputer Fate

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I made a joke maybe a weekend or two ago that I was going to install a stereo in my car… “WinAMP”. It seriously was a joke. But then I got to thinking, what if I got an lcd screen, a touch screen, in my car and hooked it up to a computer? Well this idea is not new. MP3 cars were invented long before the first MP3 cd players. Now those are all two common. Over the past few years more and more custom computers installs are going into cars. That means, at least for me, parts are easier to find. The two best (and only) vga compatible, linux compatible, touch screen lcd’s I could find were by Lilliput and Xenarc. Both look very nice. I then stumbled on in-dash lcds that, while no good for me, made a lot more sense. Later on, I found a kits from, Digital WorldWide that converted a Lilliput or Xenarc 7″ LCD into a in-dash lcd. That just about did it for me, but the taking apart of a 300 to $400 LCD scared me away. I was pleases when I found they now offer this. A new product, ready made (basically the kit and lcd/touch screen pre assembled). Taking everything into consideration, that’s not a bad price.

So the question remains, should I go forward? Is a computer in the car worth it? Should I settle for a mp3 cd player? Or should I be able to play movies, games, connect to the internet, search for wireless access points and have GPS navigation in my car?

I’m leaning towards not doing this for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t have room for a head unit and lcd without relocating something.
  2. The whole “winamp” for a head unit joke isn’t a success if I still have a head unit, so my computer would need a radio tuner and I’d have to buy an amp (I think) so I could control my speakers… big project.
  3. I’m impatient and want it now. Waiting makes me suffer and suffering makes me give up.

What should I do?

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