Carputer Status

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Thursday the car that the carputer was going to go in decided that it needed to fall apart. The front tires now wobble when I drive. So, today it is getting fixed. I’m also getting four new tires, a break check/fix, possibly a new battery, an alignment, and the transmission is going to be serviced/cleaned. Good thing is, the only thing that’s not maintenance is the stability problem in the front. I actually wrote most of these problems down on Wednesday — conspiracy?

Once I get the car back I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase an indash lcd from digitalww. I finally got a response back from him and he seems legit. I suspect there are email problems with one of their accounts. I have been searching around and reading up on the company - mostly from but also eBay and Google. From what I have read it seems that digitalww is small operation with a lot of customers (the reason for slow response times). Nothing I have read indicated that the company does bad business, but to the contrary they make their patient customers very happy.

I’ve also determined that an amp will work without a head unit, so I can ditch the factory radio and use the computer directly. I’m considering buying a wiring harness for a Dodge Intrepid and hooking that directly to the amp as well — I think this is possible, if anything I’ll have a lot of unused wires.

So, the project is still alive. The more I think about it the easier it sounds. I’ve seen a lot of bad installations in my search and that’s one thing that makes me want to do this and show what a good installation is…

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