Debian Amd64 Port

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Well, as you should know, the AMD64 version of Debian is now functional. I have it installed on my machine. Few problems/issues still. First of all, it uses all 64bit software so the 32bit ATI drivers will not work for my ATI 9800 Pro video card. Secondly, XOrg, while I know it has support for the ATI 9800, is not a Debian package, so I can’t install it. Additionally, is not yet available in 64 bit from debain or on the website. Finally, I don’t know if JAVA will work or not (i’ve only found an ia64 version).

So, in the meantime, I’m seeing to ways to go. Back to Fedora Core (it worked, I just didn’t like it), or to FreeBSD/NetBSD. Not sure what types of issues I’d have with a BSD. Who knows, its all fun, I guess.

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