Defibrillating A Nasa Rover

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I read an article a few weeks back ‘Scary Storm’ on Mars Could Doom Rovers (/.) regarding one of the Mar’s rover’s impending doom to a dust storm. The concern was that the sun was a hundred times fainter than normal and that the batteries might go dead and the rover would be lost forever. Now, having never worked at NASA or built a rover I may just be naive, but why? The rover has solar panels as well as batteries. Sure, the rover might go dead during the storm, but shouldn’t the batteries recharge (assuming the solar panels aren’t caked in dust) when the storm blows over? With full charged batteries you have a fully operational rover… There’s still one thing missing though right? All it needs is a simple circuit that runs solely of the solar power that attempts to turn the rover on every few minutes if battery power is strong enough. So am I naive, or haven’t they thought of this for any of their robots?

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