Hacking Up Free Bandwidth

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In anticipation of preperation for possibly creating something worthwhile I’ve been looking into increasing my bandwidth again - in various ways. The first one that I still have my eye on is Redwood Virtual. They give you your own User Mode Linux server with root access for a reasonable amount of money a month which is much cheaper than any colocation. But, at least for now, I’m keeping things hosted at home - freeish. So, I’m hacking up is a way to put all static pages and images on some fast, free, webspace and redirecting to them from my page. This is really a trivial idea - just link to it. However, imagine being able to ftp files to megalomanic.net, that somehow migrate themselves out to faster webspace automatically. The trick is finding the static files, moving them (ftp? nfs?) and then the other trick is having the webserver redirect the browser, rather than having to do it manually. I’ve yet to search on such a thing, but I’m sure it’s been done, or is at least posible.


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