Living Dangeroulsy With An I686

1 minute read


Another couple of busy days. More work has been done on my laptop, and the desktop has undergone another overhall. Soon all the systems will be fresh and new.

I’ve got FreeBSD 4.10 coming along nicely on my laptop. Most packages I need are installed. I still need to get my sound card working, but I’ve found my notes from the last time I used FreeBSD so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Additionally, I’ve downloaded Crux, which I’m installing on the laptop as I type, and plan to download Arch Linux to try on the laptop as well. They are both i686 optimized Linux distributions. Maybe I can squeeze some additional performance out of my aging 1Ghz system.

On the Desktop I’ve resumed my search for an AMD64 operating system again. Today I wiped my C: drive clean and installed Windows XP 64-bit since I noticed ATI finally released some 64-bit BETA drivers. I’ve got almost all my needed software back on the pc already.

On a related note my desktop keeps rebooting itself. Originally I thought I had a bad install of windows or some errors on the hard drive, but it is still rebooting after reinstalling windows. My computer has been on almost non-stop since I put it together in April, so it may be a power supply issue (i hope) and not a hardware problem (i’d kill somebody). We’ll see what happens over the next few days if I leave it off at night.

Problems aside, I’ve downloaded a x86_64 version of SuSE Linux to try out on the beast. I was going to download Mandrake but can’t seem to find where to download it… makes me want to dislike them as much as Red Hat. This days going too fast, but I hope to at least have SuSE booting before I put the system back in it’s cage and go to bed tonight.

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