Megalomanic Net Upgrades Continued

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While everything seemed to be working last night the old server got jealous of the new server and decide to die. Not only did the hard drive the websites were on begin to spit error after error the networking to the outside world (the LAN was fine) quit. Pissed me the f*ck off. It caused Megalomanic.Net to be down for almost 24 hours. I got home to do an in an angry rage from last nights problems tore the hard drives out of the old server. The’re now in the new server so I can copy over the salvaged mess. I started by fscking all the drives and mounting them using the following commands. Ignore the fact that there are two var directories. One was way too small for the original server and I had to make a new one a long time ago. I just mounted the old one for the heck of it.

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