Megalomanic Net Upgrades

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Today’s been a long day. Yesterday I purchased two Negear GA311 10/100/1000Mbps Nics so i could start moving over to the new server. It’s been a difficult process, or I should say not as easy as I was planning for. The following is a quick idea of what I’ve done so far, what and what still needs to be done. I had previously started by creating a 3.6 cd and boot floppy since I didn’t have any more nics at the time. I then installed OpenBSD 3.6. One error on installation caused me to fix localtime and set the date and time on the first reboot. Today I installed the two newly purchased NetGear GA311 NICs following these instructions. I then configured the DHCP Client on my external interface using these instructions and DHCPD using these instructions. For the heck of it I also followed these instructions to setup OpenNTPD. While reading through the FAQ I ended up clearing the console on logout and setting up soft updates. Preparing for my mail I configured pf with some quick modifications from the old firewall. I also setup relay domains for sendmail.







clearing the console on logout

soft updates


relay domains

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