Find Mentor Wireless

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Some of you already know where “Mentor Wireless” is located. Some of you don’t. This goes out to everyone who doesn’t already. Wardrive, find Mentor Wireless, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase:

  1. An Orinoco Silver PCMCIA card at half the retail price.
  2. A Linksys 802.11g PCI desktop card with 8dbi antenna for half the retail price.
  3. An Orinoco AP-200, valued at $100-150 on eBay for $90.

Mentor Wireless headquarters has three access points. All start with the same two letters. WEP is enabled. Networks are “open” so you don’t need a passive scanner to find them. Email us one of the MAC adresses of our AP’s and pick your purchase! (All products are used but in like-new condition with manuals and cds).

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