Geocities Blocked

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Yesterday, an employee of Tyco Electronics sent the following to Mentor Wireless in an email:

“One of our employees in the Wireless group was trying to view your web site that is on GeoCites. He was unable to because we block all GeoCites sites. Most all sites are not business related and a lot have x-rated pictures that could cause us legal problems. I was just reviewing the site. I was able to give the requestor a copy of your site which includes a lot of other links. Just a suggestion but you should really move off these free sites if you really want to be viewed by large businesses. Most large companies have internet blocking software that blocks these free sites to protect the companies from legal / productivity issues.”

It just feels good getting suggestions… We do hope to purchase a domain name within the next year. The only thing keeping us from doing so is the monthly hosting fees - not the domain name costs. The domain name looks to be about $35 a year, which is definately not bad at all. The org, com, and net names we want are available, so its all a matter of preference.

Also, a Mentor Wireless member has contacted us wanting to contribute articles to the site. Look to see those apearing sometime very soon. Any other contributions are requested, so you have any ideas, for anything and feel ambitious, Contact Us!

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