Linux From Scratch

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I finally got around to updating the directory with all the member submissions I’ve gotten lately. Additionally, I fixed a few minor annoyances I found while browsing the website.

I read it first on Slashdot that a company called Joltage is attempting partenerships with home-grown neighborhood wireless providers (e.g. Mentor Wireless). The Wired News article is here. A must-read for all those interested in wireless. This is much like Boingo has decided to do with commercial providers at airports and coffee shops around the country.

Finally, I’ve been exploring Linux From Scratch, a Linux distribution that is built, well, from scratch and also, FREESCO, a Linux router on a floppy disk. Why? Linux, in my mind, will be a key building block in developing Mentor Wireless. Commercial products, specifically Microsoft OS’s require too much power and are heavy in licencing fees while Linux is free, can run off a floppy, on a 486, as a router. Try doing that with windows…

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