Networking Without Wires

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I just uploaded a paper I wrote for my Business Telecommunications class at Lakeland Community College a few months back. The paper is called Networking Without Wires and serves as a general introduction into wireless networking.

I’ve been told that the current issue of Computer Power User Magazine has an article about wireless networks and mentions Mentor Wireless (I’m assuming in a list of wireless networks considering Mentor Wireless is non-functional at this point in time). That’s what I’ve been told at least, I do not have, nor have I seen the article. If I can get a copy of the article I’ll put it on the Internet for all to see.

Update (April 9, 2002): The first page of the article is available here. Althought it does not mention Mentor Wireless specifically, it does mention the existance of a wireless network in Mentor, Ohio in the one of the first few paragraphs - pretty cool.

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