Re Dlink Range Extender

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I’ve been using my setup of DWL-800AP+’s and my AP-200 long enough to give an update on functionality. There is no doubt in my mind that the DWL-800AP+ is compatible with Orinoco access points and client cards. There are, however, a few hiccups. The biggest problem I have, is getting the client card to connect to the right mac address. Normally, it will connect to the weak signal of my AP-200 instead of the DWL-800AP+. It takes some tinkering, to get my card to finally connect to the D-Link repeater. Now, once I’m connected to the D-Link repeater, everything works perfectly. I have no problems with wireless connectivity, and my signal is excellent. I will be using all D-Link on the server side (ap and repeater) in the following weeks, days. This will better help me to determine if my connection problems are compatibility issues or otherwise.

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