Site Updates

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Pages for Wireless Vocabulary, a FAQ, the Legal Issues of sharing bandwith, and a Community Survey were added to the site. Some of this was old content that we brought back, some is new. All of these pages are under construction and available from either by clicking on the links in a page’s updated header or footer. I hope to have some better content for them soon.

Today the Mentor Wireless Message Board was CLOSED. In its place, the Mentor Wireless Mailing List was OPENED. Why? No one was using the Message Board, thats why! The Mailing List should be more convient for the end user, as you can get the messages delivered to your email or you can view them on the Internet like the old Message Board. Also, you have no need to worry about Spam with the Mailing List - It is moderated by Mentor Wireless which means each message has to be aproved before it is sent to the users. All current Mentor Wireless members should have received an ‘invitation’ to join the Mailing List in their email. If not, you can join on your own by going to the Mailing List page.

Two news articles for everyone:

Free Wireless Internet Service Shone Brightly but Briefly discusses one wireless network and how it fell apart. Seems like the guy wasn’t prepared for success, and when things took off he couldn’t handle the responsiblity, or the costs, of free internet. Makes us glad Mentor Wireless is aiming for non-profit, and not free. Doing so may help us to succeed where this man failed.

Can 802.11 Become A Viable Last-Mile Alternative? An Australian company describes how they are testing Cisco’s 350 Aironet access point for reliable Internet Access covering as much as 7 kilometres distance.

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