Movable Type Chrooted

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After some tinkering, I’ve got the chrooted apache back up. I followed some instructions from another site (see the extended entry for the details). MovableType seems to be working ok - the primary objective. I’ll have to iron out any glitches I find in the next few days.

To get all the perl stuff to fit on /var I had to create a new partition on another drive. My old /var was only 100MB or so and that didn’t cut it. Now I have a gig. The hard drive its on is slow as shit. Next time I reinstall (hopefully at version 3.6) I’ll do things “righter” from the start, with better hard drives.

It seems that PHP is working for the most part. bbclone doesn’t seem to be effected. My phpsysinfo script is totally trashed though. That may not be fixable, we’ll see. Next few days I should be consentrating on homework though, so it won’t be fixed for a while. That and the other 100 or so changes I still need to do. Not bad for my first OpenBSD (technically my second or third) install.

Details on how I setup chrooted perl from MovableType:

Copied from:

cd /var/www
mkdir -p usr
cd usr
mkdir -p bin lib libdata libexec local
cd bin
cp /usr/bin/perl .
cp /usr/bin/perl5.8.0 .
cd ../lib
cp -R /usr/lib/apache/ .
cp /usr/lib/libc.* .
cp /usr/lib/libm.* .
cp /usr/lib/libperl* .
cp /usr/lib/libutil* .
cd ../libdata
cp -R /usr/libdata/perl5/ .
cd ../libexec
cp /usr/libexec/ .
cd ../local
mkdir -p libdata
cd libdata
cp -R /usr/local/libdata/perl5/ .
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