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Again! Ok. No more tables. This time for good. I pulled my own homemade 3 column stylesheet, etc from an old post (go me) and modified it a bit. I’m moving away from percentages, because I forget non-avergage my screen resolution of 1280x1024 is. From now on the site will be designed for 1024x768 and maybe even a low-res option of 800x600. Of course it worked as I expected in firefox but I had to tweak things for IE as usual.

I still don’t know where I’m headed with the design of the site - right now it looks like Slashdot - but I can tell you it’s future is with CSS and XHTML. Why? You shouldn’t even ask that. You should just know the answer… Have you ever heard of themes? I’ve seen some great megaman themes (plug)… Anyways… I need to read up a bit. Of course I have the skill, but not the knowledge. Such is the case most of the time.

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