Not Impressed With Fedora Core

1 minute read


I’m a Debian user, but I recently installed Red Hat Fedora Core 2 Test 3 on my AMD 64. The whole 64 bit thing pulled me in (that and I needed some other-distro experience). Initially I was very impressed. The install was very easy. The bootup on the 2.6 kernel was very pretty. The Fedora login screen was nice. Mozilla, and GAIM were already installed. Thats were the fun ended, though. The first thing I couldn’t do was map my Windows NTFS partitions. I found out that Red Hat doesn’t include NTFS support by default. Dumb. So I downloaded the source rpm and easily recompiled the kernel with NTFS support. Now that I had my drive mapped I tried to play my mpr3’s with XMMS. Of course I find out that Red Hat doesn’t like mp3 support either. So, I downloaded the XMMS source rpm and compiled that and my mp3’s played. Then I decide to run some windows programs via wine, and guess what - no wine package. In fact, Fedora harldy has any packages compared to Debian. While Debian is less polished I still feel i think I’m heading back. Yum and up2date are nice, but I miss my apt-get. Red Hat’s just not the same.

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