Random Everything Generator

1 minute read


Well, not everything, but at least everything that can be represented by 1’s and 0’s. Imagine a computer program that instead of brute forcing passwords, computing all possible lottery numbers, or performing any other similar task instead BRUTE-FORCES-EVERYTHING. Target the largest hard drive you can find and it will fill every bit with a random 1 or 0, repeating this process forever. Forget for a moment the limitations of the computer or the incomprehensible amount of combinations that would be have to be attempted. For a moment also put aside our inability to look through all this chaos to find order. What would result from this experiment would be not today’s software, but tomorrows; not the bible in the form it is today, but a bible in draft form. Everything ever would eventually be stored on that hard drive. It’s outrageous. It’s impossible. It’s completely useless. It’s true. The meaning of life will flash across the hard drive in every language ever known, past, present, and future – placed there by a computer program that knows no more than the numbers one and zero… and we would never find it.

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