Reality Defined By Existance

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I’m not like you. I don’t believe that we are defined by our world. I believe that the world is defined by our own existence. It’s a radical thought, but fits many existing ideas. One of those ideas is mind over matter. My interpretation meaning you have complete and total control over reality once enlightened. You can imagine anything into reality and it will be. The restriction though, is that there are billions of observers in existence on the planet with you. Some of them have been enlightened, while others have not. All of them though affect reality. Together, at some supernatural level we are all participating in some democracy of existence. It’s the reason why dragons, vampires and other creatures have vanished. It’s why there are no longer wizards or witches. And it is the reason why psychic abilities are still successful, albeit a very small fraction of the time… It’s the way we want it to be. I truly believe that if all of us believed in something that it would be. What has changed through time for us is only the population and as we continue to populate Earth we affectively limit ourselves more from the supernatural… It is much harder for billions to believe than millions, or thousands to hundreds, or hundreds to one, at the beginning of time, which started it all. Even if the population drastically decreased to you alone, would you be able to believe? Could you change the world?

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