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I was sitting around one day in the past week and talking to myself, as I sometimes do. I thought about reason. Humans never do anything without reason. They can’t. Think about it. Try it. You don’t kill someone unless you have a reason to do it. You don’t quit your job unless there is a reason.

Why? Why do we have to have reason to do something? Why don’t we just spin around in our chairs and start screaming? Seriously, even if your thinking now ‘I can do something without reason’ and then throw your mouse at the wall, the reason you did so is to prove you can do something without reason, which apparently you can’t.

So my goal is to do something without reason… Maybe that’s a reason too. Maybe I shouldn’t set a goal. Ok. So I’m going to pay attention to my actions and see if I ever do anything without reason.

I’ll get back to you.

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