Roms And Avp2

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I’ve been exploring the world of Roms. Unfortunately, there are no working gamecube/xbox/ps2 emulators yet. Of course thats what I want. Just a little Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur would keep me happy. For now I’ve got my Nes/Sega/SNES/N64, etc, etc. to keep me occupied. I bought a nice Saitek controller from best buy that has all the buttons I need for now.

Now that my computer is fixed I’ve been getting back to gaming. I mean I spent a good $1000 to get this thing! Anyways, my friend refuses to play counter-strike with me until I get some Aliens vs Predator 2 action on. Well, i offered to play with him, but he ran away, so I played a little bit by myself today. Its an ok multiplayer game. Gets my approval.

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