Searching For A 64 Bit Os

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Well, I tried Gentoo and found it to be too much like Linux From Scratch. I didn’t want SuSE, Mandrake, or anything else like that. So I poked around with what I could find on an AMD64 port of Debian (my favorite distro). I did get a pure64 system up and running, but it doesn’t have X yet. There are a LOT of packages that need to be compiled before that can happen. So right now I have 32bit windows, i386 Debian, and pure64 Debian all on the same system. I have an idea on how to compile a shit load of packages at once for pure64 Debian so I can hopefully get them installed. Maybe I’ll try this later today. Probably not. Likely I’ll just wait for the Debain Developers to do it :-P In the mean time I’ll use windows and my i386 Debian, which is still fucking fast.

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