Sites Engine

1 minute read


Since day one I’ve been trimming off the fat of MoveableType and trying to make my site look much different than those I’ve been to before. To the passer by, that hasn’t happened yet. Today, however, I made a great leap to a better site – under the hood. I’ve begun to create an engine for my site, quickly named Sites-Engine… Right now it’s not much of my own code. It uses Htgroup-0.4 and Htpasswd-0.9 which are some very nice interfaces to htpasswd and htgroup files. I’m sticking with those because a MySQL database at this point overkill. There is now a universal login to the site, which is great. This is done with a custom login script that uses HTTP Authentication via PHP. Better yet, it perfectly integrates into the same password file as before so all directories are still password protected. Once I realized this I updated my main template to appropriately use the new login system. It works like a charm. But that’s just the beginning. I’ve begun to enhance the chatbox system (originally onlyshout code) so that I can call it my own. This will be re-integrated into the Sites-Engine as well. It doesn’t sound like much, doesn’t look like much, doesn’t do much, but its getting there :-P

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