Switched To Wordpress

1 minute read


I’ve done it. Moved to WordPress. While my site is back to a generic design for the millionth time I now have some features that I have been looking for. First of all, I have dynamic pages, which is going to be real nice with the amount of times I move things around. Secondly, availability of plugins. I found two of the plugins I wanted right away. The first is phpGiggle, which allows me to have words linked automatically from a predetermined list of links. That will come in very handy. You normally see this in places like a wiki. Now you’ll see it in my blog. The second plugin is a spell check plugin. Anyone knows me also knows I’m too fast of a typer to spell anything correct the first time. Hopefully this will up the quality of my posts. No grammar check yet though! I’ve also exported and imported all of my MovableType entries already, no problems there. I expect many broken links from within the entries, but the few images I have from recent posts seem to be working. Finally, I’ve once again accomplished all of this in OpenBSD’s Apache chroot. I’ll pat myself on the back for that one.

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