The Libertarian

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While I’m voting for Bush, I’ve been taking some politcal placement tests to find out what I really am. It seems everyone is fed up with the two party system as it doesn’t fit anymore (maybe it never did). The is now at least a four party system that now invloves libertarians, and don’t worry, there not liberals. The last test I took was here It does a great job of explaining the old way, the new way, and placing you based on 20 questions. I turned out to be libertarian on every test i took today. I’ve learned that liberals are more about equality (forced equality) and republicans are about order (which, i’ll admit, can be bad too). Libertarians are all about freedom. It makes sense in my beliefs that I fall there. As you can expect, historical figures strong in there beliefs such as Ghandi fall under the libertarian category. So in this up coming two party election, if you want some equality, go kerry, if you need some order (and that’s what we need) go bush. Take that test, let me know where you fall.

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