The Life Service

1 minute read


One day there will be some massive company that offers a life service. Instead of paying for any of the goods or services we pay for now we will have the possiblity of dumping all our money into one service. Many will probably scream 1984 and live ‘the old fashoned way’, but that will be an option - the United States is a captilist society! Of course the’re will be levels of service, for time sake they might be poor, middle class, upper class. You’ll buy in to this mega-corporation for whatever you can afford, and they’ll provide you everything - food, movie rentals, a car, a house, a phone, and anything else you can ask for (within your contract) of course. Hell, they’d probably cover all your insurances too. Want a new game? A vacation? Just ask the mega-corporation and they’ll make it happen. All you have to do is go to work and pay your bill. Oddly, this has a scary draw to it. Something straight out of Sliders perhaps? If nothing else, it’d make a great movie. Don’t say I never warned you!

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