Crosshair v1.0.6 - Universal Crosshair Hack for Games Like Counter-Strike

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A friend of mine came to me a few times asking “Can you make a crosshair for Counter-Strike?”. I really didn’t see the value of it, nor did I think I could do it. Regardless, the mention alone of CS caused my addiction to take hold and I reinstalled STEAM.

The next day, I was playing when a new mail notifcation popped up overtop of the game. This got my mind stuck thinking about creating the crosshair. My first attempt was very crappy - but it worked. As a modification to my Refresh program I used two very thin Visual Basic forms with no borders and one pixel wide. One was for the vertical line of the crosshair, the other for the horizontal. Calling a windows API kept them on top, and I was just about done! Just one problem - if you clicked on the crosshair, it took you out of the game. I tinkered with the idea for a while, but after about an hour realized it wasn’t worth making it work and started doing some research.

Most hacks for games like Counter-Strike are modifications of graphics libraries like Opengl32.dll. These hacks are directly linked into the game and have a great amount of control over what is seen and not seen. If detected by VAC these can get you banned from Counter-Strike — forever. It’s also likely that Cheating-Death servers will catch you as well - not a good thing. More importantly, my friend was not out to cheat, but to have better manual aim than with the default crosshairs.

Instead of redoing an existing cheat, I decided to reinvent the wheel. What I’ve settled on for Crosshair v1.0.6 is the SetPixel API. I’ve coded it in Both VB6 and VC++. Graphically, it doesn’t look as nice as the forms (it flickers), but It doesn’t have the mouse issues either. Since it works this is the way it’s going to be for now. The good news is, my “hack” if you will, theoretically works for any game.

After playing with the crosshair enabled, there is a definate improvement in aim. A handful of weapons in CS disable crosshairs completely in certain modes - like the scout, while other crosshairs are missing the centers. This hack puts a crosshair on the screen all the time and while it doesn’t defeat recoil or other enviornmental effects even the average joe should improve their score.

Here is a few poor jpegs of the crosshair before & after:



I’ve got some ideas for improvement, as well as some other interesting features like an in game clock so I know when enough is enough. For now, the program is released as-is, below.

Download: Crosshair v1.0.6 (Both VB6 and VC++)

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