Winking Lizard App Shutdown

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Last year the Winking Lizard World Tour app was released for Apple and Android devices. It made some mediocre but surprising sales for being released so late in the year. This year the goal was to get it out early, updated for 2013 and add additional features throughout the year as well. Initial changes were done and pending Apple’s review process. The road map from there would have included a leader board to compare your beer count with others on the tour using the app, some fun badges based on the beers you’ve drank, a new theme, integration of the ratings functionality from the official site, ability to view your last year stats and possible integration with service like Untappd. I was excited. My cohort was gearing up for an update on Android. I was even considering joining the tour again this year… applications need testers, right?

It all changed yesterday. I received a short but concise email from the Winking Lizard: “I appreciate that you have done the app for us the last couple of years. I am asking that you take it off for this year. We have our own web based app now and it is not necessary to have a separate one. Let me know if you have any concerns. Thanks much.”

While I believe a web app (albeit a lot better looking than the old one) is no comparison to a downloadable application, I complied. We previously had permission, now we don’t. To me it’s a gray area as to whether the app can legally exist without permission. Not something I’d be willing to chance over a few bucks in my pocket.

If you liked the app, or don’t like the web based app, or think the road map we had sounds interesting, post a comment. If there are enough, perhaps I can sway the lizard to allow us permission again for 2013.

Thanks to all those who purchased the application over the last year!

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