Xprint Org Stretched Printing

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This one had me puzzled for at least two days. I could print fine from OpenOffice but in Firefox printing came out all stretched. Another symptom was that the printer seemed to think it was supposed to fit everything on one page, so when it crept off the page the printer did not print that text on the next page. Instead it went to the next page and printed the-next-page.

So I analized my print system. On OpenBSD (my print server) its aspfilter and lpd - which I have had no problems with from Windows. On Linux I feed the lpd print server on OpenBSD via CUPS locally. This works great 90% of the time. I found out not only does Mozilla/Firefox not use CUPS, it doesn’t use the default X print server xprt. Instead it uses xprt-xprintorg.

Finding that out, one of the first things I tried was to revert back to the xprt server. Bad idea, didn’t work at all with Firefox. Ok, configuration changed back.

Well, I didn’t think it was cups, so I looked on the internet for some xprint help. I didn’t find a page with a fix for it, but what I came up with was the following while I RTFM.

In the file /etc/Xprint/C/print/attributes/document I had to change 2 things, one of them being the fix.

Here are the settings I have ended up with:

*default-medium: na-letter *default-printer-resolution: 300

The key here was the resolution. My printer was “printing” at 300 resolution in CUPS, but previously Xprint was trying to print at 600 resolution, so the pages were coming out funny.

I can now print at normal size. Will see what other bugs I find.

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