A Beginner’s Guide to Developing an Addon for World of Warcraft Classic

11 minute read

I never experienced World of Warcraft. I played other Blizzard games, both before and after its release, including the original Warcraft series and Diablo. I skipped over WoW for reasons I can’t completely recall. During the hype around “classic” I tried “retail” for a moment and abruptly stopped due to a move to a new home. I was tempted to play again after learning about “vanilla” servers but had already mentally committed myself to wait for the official servers. Classic finally launched on August 26, 2019 and I joined in as to not miss out on the twice in a lifetime experience.

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When a Filter Goes Wrong: Adventures in Async/Await

6 minute read

As happens regularly in software development, I had some partially completed code for a Node.js script handed to me containing an enhancement to existing logic that I was to pick up and complete. I went upon my way adding the rest of the required changes so that the code could be tested. That’s when things started to get fishy. It was a data processing job so I didn’t have any idea for how long it would take or how demanding it would be. I started it up, thought it might take a few seconds or minutes and began browsing the web. My MacBook started to sound like a commercial airliner. Websites weren’t opening. Applications were getting slower. Something was very wrong. How could this script be so demanding?

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How to Implement Adsense Auto Ads on Jekyll Posts

2 minute read

I’ve made a commitment to reboot my blog, but needed some additional motivation to actually start writing. Money tends to be a good motivator. I figured I’d give Google Adsense a chance. I don’t expect to make much, if anything, in the beginning, but over time I’m hopeful that this could begin to generate some passive income.

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